Humans of New York

Another incredible art project I follow goes by the name of Humans of New York. The artist captures incredible snapshots of everyday people’s minds, bodies, and souls. By asking simple but poignant questions to the beautiful people that cross his path in any given day, he shows us the striking nature of our collective human consciousness and just how truly and deeply we are all connected.
 “I think our memories of childhood are composed of these magical play spaces that children have. Does that make sense? The places that, as children, we sort of claim and carve out as our own. I think we lose that in adulthood. Does that make sense?”
“Can you give me an example?”
“Well, I moved around a lot. So I had a lot of different ones. But I remember the back balcony of our place in California. There were plants out there, and I used to get on the ground between those plants and play with my toys. It was my space.”
“Do you remember the saddest day of your life?”
“I lost a sister.”
“How old was she?”
“She was eight. I was twenty at the time.”
“What’s the greatest day you ever spent together?”
“I remember this one time we were walking in Pennsylvania, and she was really young so I was a long way ahead of her. And she stopped and kept calling for me to come back. I finally walked back to her and she was pointing down this narrow alleyway– it was blocked off by this wrought iron gate and lined with trees and paved in cobblestone, and the light was coming through just perfectly. It was very beautiful. And I just loved how she’d noticed it and stopped me from my busyness to appreciate it.”
“It was one of her spaces.”
“Yeah, I guess it was.”

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